Roland Dürre
Wednesday July 10th, 2019

Emptiness – Writer’s Block.

Roman copy of a Greek Platon portrait, perhaps by Silanion. It was positioned in the Academy after Platon’s death, Glyptothek München.

The misery started with this gentleman.

Currently, I am suffering from writer’s block because I understand too much – or maybe because there is too much that I do not understand. For me, it is the same thing. Because everything is absolutelyl clear and yet nobody understands it.

Around me, much is happening that makes me uneasy, both in my private life and in society, politics and the world. Much of what I used to believe has been proven wrong. And I would really like to comment on it. However, all comment just seems ridiculous to me. Consequently, I refrain from commenting.

Also, I believe that all the talking and even initiatives will not really help. All the noise we make about wrong systems with corrupt and competent system agents is just as useless as the activity of all the students on Fridays for the Future.

Similarly, it will not help if I get upset about something and try to fight it. The system has come to its end. And it has deserved no better. This time around, the downfall is different and – at first sight – not as bad as after the Third Reich. We should have been warned. However, we ignore all warnings and instead act with stupidity.

Well, at least this time we managed to destroy the planet. The perfect tense is correct, because we have already reached the point of no return. Even if, due to our human irrationality, we refuse to accept it.
Neither ratio nor dialectics nor debates will help. Even enthusiasm and emotions will not help. As I see it, there is also no right or wrong, no good or evil. It is as it is and it will come as it will come. It does not really matter.

Probably the human race understood this, because all they do is make noises, instead of actually doing something.

Generally, a new insight causes the loss of other competence. Innovation is always some kind of creative destruction. Just as ratio kills empathy, specialization and Taylorism destroys the understanding of entities, closeness to reality robs you of your dreams, individualism kills what we shared (and vice versa) and what is fast will win over what was slow.

Just as more cultural world will naturally imply less natural world. And in the end, only cultural world will remain – and the natural world is a thing of the past, and along with it life.

We are all part of this development. Nobody can flee – just as nobody can avoid digitalization. It is just like with auto-mobilization. Nobody escaped it – even if some never drove a car themselves.

Consequently, nobody will be spared the climate catastrophe and the destruction of the planet, even if some people actually behave ideally. The destruction of the planet is a collective process that is irreversible in human dimensions and it probably was part of the evolution.

And since those who pretend that they took responsibility yet actually only thought of their own advancement (we call them politicians) did nothing, it just happened.

Here is my recommendation: just accept what you cannot change anyway and live peacefully to the end. In peace with all the creatures of nature. And maybe you can avoid additional nonsense. Perhaps then we have a chance of avoiding the worst.

I am at the end of my teeters – and I feel ok with it. Emotionally, I know that the best way to live is as an anarchist or hedonist. Provided you do not clash with the powerful and moralistic people. Because if you do that, you will soon be miserable. And that is not what I want.

(Translated by EG)

4 Kommentare zu “Emptiness – Writer’s Block.”

  1. KH (Wednesday July 10th, 2019)

    Oh-je lieber Roland, Du scheinst in einer Krise zu sein? Ein Blick in die Geschichte sollte Dich allerdings lehren, dass alle diese Untergangsphantasien sich nie erfüllt haben. Nicht die Welt ist am Ende sondern man selbst in diesen Momenten.
    Frag doch nur einmal Deine Kinder, wie die die Zukunft sehen?
    Ich wünsche Dir jedenfalls von Herzen, dass Du diese miese Stimmung bald wieder überwinden kannst…

  2. Chris (Saturday July 13th, 2019)

    Dear Roland, if you overcome your writing blockade, German internet may collapse.

  3. rd (Sunday July 14th, 2019)

    🙂 !!!

  4. Chris (Sunday July 21st, 2019)

    Of course, everything has an end, (except a sausage). One worries about this, when one first realises it, and when the end gets near. I used to think that it would not be worth living without sport. Then I realised that I was constantly interested in what would come next. This curiosity makes life worth living, at least when free of pain. And nowadays one gets enough morphine when needed. There is also pleasure in learning to understand things previously unclear. But one may also learn about earlier foolishnesses.
    Big animals tend to go extinct quicker than small ones. Man is relatively large, so will probably not last long. He also has unprecedented capability to eliminate his species. Empires, nations, companies, religions and scientific theories survive even shorter than homo sapiens. Disasters are normal.
    I cannot support intense Anarchism and Hedonism, as they will destroy civilisation, which for me has some value. But this is an ethical judgement, and ethic is a matter of taste and point of view. Whether things go well or badly will also be a matter of taste.
    At 78, I do not expect collapse of civilisation before I die. Life is getting tricky. I hope my brain will cope for some time yet. Roland, stay cool.

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