Roland Dürre
Friday February 24th, 2017



Many thanks to Christian&Daniel (© Visual-Braindump)

I love the agile manifesto. It always says that A has priority over B.
Here is an example:
“Individuals and interactions have priority over processes and tools“
In other words:
Perhaps the values on the right side (B) are useful, but those on the left side (A) are more important.

I will now apply this diction to my “favourite terms” and formulate the opposite (as a trigger for discussion).

  • Co-ordinate the decentralized things beats central execution
    (–> The CEO – Central Executive Officer becomes company coordinator)
  • Coaching beats Managing
    (–> Abolish hierarchies, replace managers by coaches)
  • Agile beats inflexible
    (–> follow common sense, instead of a plan)
  • Competence beats power
    (–> the future is no longer determined by a hierarchy)
  • Lean beats waste
    (–> less bureaucracy, administration and departments)
  • Common good economy beats Shareholder Value
    (–> Customers and employees are stakeholders and more important than shareholders)
  • Self-organization beats command structures
    (–> Teams, rather than the manager caste, determine how to do the job),
  • Open beats secret
    (–> free communication instead of systemic)
  • “Entrepreneurial Clarity“ beats “strategic ideologies“
    (–> traceability)
  • Social beats asocial
    (–> an end to privatizing profit and socializing loss)
  • Digital & electric beats mechanical & analogue
    (–> new work concept)
  • Informal communication beats systemic reports
    (–> knowledge is liberated and shared)
  • “Shared economy“ beats “individual property “
    (–> #newlife, “property is a burden“)
  • “Business must serve the people” beats “humans serve business“
    (–> #newwork)
  • ….

At school, I learned that everything that ends with “ism” should be handled with care. Consequently, I am glad that I never came across the word agilism. Yet I can easily imagine that some enterprises I know behave in a way that might be correctly described by the term.

I would simply say “change is the goal”.

(Translated by EG)

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