Roland Dürre
Tuesday February 22nd, 2011

Aphorism – Elections in Hamburg

Hardly more than three days have gone by, and already the Hamburg elections are a thing the media and people’s brains are no longer interested in.

Yet there is a number and a trend that should really give us pause:
According to Wikipedia, Hamburg had the lowest turnout of voters since 1946 at the  2008 elections – that was 63.5 per cent. In 2011, the (preliminary) turnout of voters was even way lower than that of 2008: it was 57 per cent.

Well, there is nothing left to say for me, is there…

(Translated EG)

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  1. Enno (Friday February 25th, 2011)

    Bald sind die Nichtwähler regierungsfähig.
    Dann braucht man nicht mehr vier Parteien für eine Opposition, sondern fünf.

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