Roland Dürre
Friday January 4th, 2013

Dangers and Horrors of the New World.

I used to enjoy using the yahoo group functions.  Now I am an enthusiastic google user. The google+ tools, such as Drive, Hangout and many more – supplemented by more tools for various purposes – are so diverse that they constitute an ingenious system for shared working, so-called co-working. Even if we are talking distributed locations.

On top of this, I love facebook. Many of the dialogues I have with persons I feel quite close to happen exclusively through facebook. Relationships with beloved friends, even on other continents, are easy to nourish in this way. I also use twitter quite intensely, not just for big events like #pmcamp.

My cell-phone communication is preferably done through WhatsApp or FB Messenger. Without these great tools, I would probably really get something like “communication stress“. But as it is, things are easy – regardless of the fact that I feel connected with and communicate with a whole lot of people.

But here comes the worst news: my favourite way of paying is through Paypal!

Many of my contemporaries are outraged on hearing all these things. They think I am really very careless. Even persons with a lot of civil courage give serious warnings. After all, I am making very personal data available to such anonymous powers as google. FaceBook is spying on me for advertising purposes. WhatsApp will steal my telephone number and then abuse it. And using Paypal is an absolute NOGO. It constitutes a truly immense risk. Not just for my data, but also for my money (are banks less of a risk for my money?).

And then I think:

What exactly are you all afraid of? Once upon a time, there was an innovation – it was called automobile or car. And we all jumped the bandwagon. Mind you, it was really dangerous! There were years when the fatal accidents in West Germany alone were 20,000! In those days, I drove a car. And I remember quite a few times when I almost died in it.

Was that not very careless? If you take the number of fatal accidents in Europe, or even world-wide, you will discover that this technology caused millions of deaths. And probably more than a billion wounded or otherwise massively injured persons. Not to mention the destruction of nature and habitats and the reduction of quality life.

Consequently, here is my answer for all those who are worried: you are afraid of FaceBook, Google, Paypal, Twitter and WhatsApp! But you still drive cars? Given your worries, you should never have started driving a car and you should also never have filled up on gasoline at the evil concerns, such as BP, Esso or Shell.

Because this innovation caused massive damage both for humans and their money! And it still continues doing so. Your excuse is that there is no alternative to driving a car. Which is not true. Ever since I decided to no longer drive a car, I am feeling a lot better.

(Translated by EG)

5 Kommentare zu “Dangers and Horrors of the New World.”

  1. tural (Friday January 4th, 2013)

    Früher hatten wir die erste und die dritte Welt. Heute nur die eine.

  2. Chris Wood (Monday January 7th, 2013)

    Roland, yes, I am shocked and frightened by all the computer software and hardware that you constantly use. I am amazed that you have the energy to learn to use them, as well as posting so much in your blog, running Interface, giving talks, etc. I can well understand that you cannot also consider my comments thoroughly. I cannot even properly learn one chess opening per year.
    After 40 years as a software professional, I am frightened that even my wife and daughters are leaving me behind, as regards competence in this brave new world. When will you and I completely lose touch with each other?
    Should I be consoled by the thought that Word or a simple browser is beyond many of my friends? I fear that this situation is part of the cause of growth of primitive religion. People can feel very competent in a globalised capitalist world, without understanding science.

  3. Hans Bonfigt (Tuesday January 8th, 2013)

    > After 40 years as a software professional, I am frightened that even my wife and daughters are leaving me behind, as regards competence in this brave new world.

    Add me.
    My wife and my daughter let me far behind already after 30 years as a software professional.

    But i don’t care.

    Relevance matters.

  4. Chris Wood (Wednesday January 9th, 2013)

    Dear Hans, are you and I relevant?

  5. Hans Bonfigt (Saturday January 12th, 2013)

    For ourselves, our families, customers and frends – and enemies – :
    I hope so.
    Not so long ago i read an article fom Ludwig Boltzmann, meanwhile 100 years old – and it was pure relevance. Unfortionately, this kind of relevance I will never gain.

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