schindlerYesterday, I received a postal delivery. It was the new book by Zittel/Schindler “Geht uns das Erdöl aus?” (Are we Running Out of Crude Oil) in the series “Wissen was stimmt” (Knowing What is Right), published by HERDER.

Herr Schindler is no unknown quantity for us. After all, he gave an important presentation in the IF forum last year. Click here to download the slides of this presentation.

Yesterday night, I read the entire book in one go. It is a concise and very down-to-earth report on the history and current state of affairs as far as crude oil is concerned. In particular, he presents many data and facts on the formation and production of crude oil and the estimated reserves. I was impressed by his objectivity and competence.

It is a book you can read fast and understand easily. It is based on wide research and broadly informative. Yet, it is as exciting as a criminal story.

As far as I am concerned, everybody who considers himself a little responsible for our future should read it. So: Order it immediately, or go and buy it in the bookshop!

(Translated by EG)

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