Roland Dürre
Wednesday July 15th, 2009

Power of the State, Separation of Power, a Fourth Power !?

After having recently heard that our young generation no longer know the meaning of the word “Inflation”, I was not surprised to find out that many of them do not know what Power of State or Separation of Power means.

That is why I will now give a very short and simple (and a little personal) definition of the terms, before suggesting the initiation of a Fourth Power in the state.

Power of State

The term means that the individual members of a social system – like the state – consciously and voluntarily relinquish the use of individual power. Instead, they delegate the right to use power exclusively to the community (and its executive organs), who have to make use of this right with the utter correctness and appropriateness.

Separation of Power

In order to maintain the power of state and prevent abuse, the separation of power is a necessary requirement in all democracies. Therefore, all democratic social systems have

A legislative, an executive and a judicative body.

The legislative body makes the laws (parliament), the executive body sees to it that nobody breaks them (police) and the judicative body (legal courts) watches over the adequate application of the law.

This system made democracy possible and helped us a lot towards being able to live together in a sensible way. But, as everywhere, there is potential for improvement, as well. Much has run riot over the years.

That is why I wish we would install a puricative power as a new fourth column. I created the term thinking of the English  purification.
I came up with this idea because there was a time when our former Federal President Roman Herzog advised that maybe all uneven numbers of legal articles should be discarded. If later it turns out that some of the articles are actually missed, they can be newly (re-)created.

A phantastic idea! It shows the importance of a fourth power seeing to it that we do not drown in laws in this country. This power should have the right to prevent all excess by any of the other three powers, thus having damage control function.

By the way, the person who came up with this idea of a puricative power was my friend Wolf. Thank you, Wolf!

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Chris Wood (Wednesday July 15th, 2009)

    “Executive” is normally taken to mean the government rather than the police.
    The press (with other media) is often regarded as the fourth power. It publicises when things go wrong.

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