Roland Dürre
Tuesday February 17th, 2015


A short time ago, I met Ardalan Ibrahim. He is a friend of a friend of mine. How else do you meet people?

We spent two hours together. They were exciting and beautiful. Ardalan made a huge impression on me. Especially when he talked about “attitude”.

Many decades ago, my mentor Rupert Lay taught us to look back at regular intervals. And never to look back in anger. Simply as a life routine at the end of each day or each year. Meaning: instead of only always looking ahead. In order to also think about the past.

Because there is no today without yesterday. Just like there is no tomorrow without today.

So we want to remember:

What sort of day have I had today?
What did I do with my day?

Well, it helps a little.

This is how I came to think a lot about attitude and retrospective. And I also refined my regular habit of looking back. For instance, now when I reflect upon a day, I also ask myself if the consequences of what I did were mostly constructive. And which of them was destructive?

I differentiate further and ask myself:

In which roles was I active today?
Did I remain true to my “attitude”?

Attitude is an important thing. It sounds nice to have a “good” attitude. And the attitude to “remain true” sounds even better.

Yet there is more than one attitude. During a day, you are active in several roles. And in each of those roles, we live a specific attitude.

Consequently, we have many attitudes. Should they complement each other?

Thinking about my roles and attitudes in retrospective helps me to “give a new northward direction” to my star. I find the phrase “giving your star a northward direction” a nice metaphor. For me, “giving my own star a northward direction” is a very important step towards a successful life.

Well, this or something like this is what could be the meaning of “being human”.

Many thanks – Ardalan – you made me think..

(Translated by EG)

On March, 19th, at 3 p.m., there will be an event by and with Ardalan Ibrahim in the Impact Hub München. I already wrote the day down in my calendar. It will probably be well worth attending.

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