Roland Dürre
Friday June 4th, 2010

My Main Concern

I do a lot of criticizing. Perhaps too much.

I do a lot of writing, Perhaps too much.

But, basically, there is only one thing I fail to understand:

How are people so sure of what they say?


Why do they insist that what they believe to be the truth is the absolute, objective truth?

My primary goal is to sow the seed of doubt with respect to this attitude. If, with the IF blog, I manage that, I will be perfectly happy.

(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “My Main Concern”

  1. Chris Wood (Friday June 4th, 2010)

    So, Roland, there is only one thing you don’t understand! Congratulations! Here is a little poem to help you to reach perfection:

    A wise old owl lived in an oak.
    The more he saw, the less he spoke.
    The less he spoke, the more he heard.
    Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?

    You see, we should read more and write less.

  2. rd (Friday June 4th, 2010)

    Ja Chris – nur, wenn wir alle schweigen, passiert erst recht nichts. Also müssen wir reden und schreiben, damit etwas passiert. So ist es in Unternehmen und so ist es in der Welt …

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