Roland Dürre
Monday April 12th, 2010

Hot Spots in Software Development 2010

On April, 13th, I will give a presentation at Munich Technical University on

Requirements Engineering in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The sub-title is:

An Inter-Disciplinary Retrospective of Requirement Engineering (RE)

Talking about problems inflates the problems!

Talking about solutions inflates the solutions?

Here are some ideas that will recur in my paper:

  • Personal experiences from more than 30 years of IT projects.
  • What is requirement engineering (RE)?
  • The problem we have with “functional architecture”.
  • What is requirement management (RM)?
  • Requirement Management and SCRUM
  • Divide et impera!
  • Dialectics and logics.
  • Cheap Design.
  • Creative Products.
  • Agile Worlds.
  • Alternative Tools.
  • Our beloved psychology.

My special thanks go to Michael Greulich for his huge support throughout the preparation of the paper.

🙂 And even though I have rehearsed it well, I am quite curious myself how it will turn out. After all, we are talking a true premiere.

For more information, read Ankündigung HSE-KMU-RE (692).

And, of course, it would make me happy so see a huge audience.


(Translated by EG)

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