Roland Dürre
Sunday February 15th, 2015


Isn’t it Strange?
I get more and more enquiries. Would I like to support an enterprise a little bit in the role of business angel, mentor, counsellor or some such? This truly delights me.

Here are a few ideas of mine on the topic

Hier mit Klaus Hofeditz bei der Klausur von

Yours truly and Klaus Hofeditz during a closed session at the in January 2015 in Hamburg

I do not see myself as a business angel. Neither am I a counsellor or coach you can employ.

Yet I will gladly support my friends as a comrade who thinks and seeks. Preferably in homeopathic doses.
I want to have maximal success with as few sessions as possible. And I am happy if, perhaps, the constructive ideas will only come a few days (or weeks) after the event.

Working with the prudent protagonists of a young (or also older) enterprise, I am quite willing to find the important (and right) questions. Because that is what we need in order to find the suitable solutions and come up with prudent measures and activities.

Also, I will gladly support people in order to prevent them from wasting too much strength in the wrong direction, which would mean a loss of potential. And I also like helping people who belong together to find each other. Networking and building bridges!

I like working with nice teams. But not for a salary based on time slots. If, after a project has been finished, my “customers” get the impression that my assistance was helpful, it will make me happy to receive some sort of reward. In case of a significant gain, this reward might well be material and establish itself in the hideous form of Euros, Yankee-Dollars, Swiss Franken or Bitcoins against my invoice.

In other words: in the form of a value contract – as Gebhard Borck proposes (Gebhard is a good friend of mine and, among other things, author of the “Affenmärchen” and of a small book  titled “Your Price” on “Value Contracts“).

Trust is something I find a wonderful idea – this is how, in my imagination, value contracts will be feasible without actual contracts! And no matter how things might proceed, I will always benefit from what I learn.

In the future, I only wish to work with people I perceive as responsible/constructive  and representing the feeling of “together”.  Persons with courage who enjoy working for what they believe in. It is nice if mental concepts and inner beliefs, as well as the values of the team, fit. After all, I also want to enjoy what I am doing.

I appreciate the ideas of the common good economy . Incidentally, I would also like to emphasize that the common good and making a suitable profit do not contradict each other. On the contrary: the common good and a certain profit supplement each other superbly.

Apropos success
For me, success is an important factor. Consequently, I can and will only take up the role if I personally believe in the active persons and the result they wish to attain. If I am convinced that it will work, I will gladly make myself part of it.

And you should not overestimate my contribution. I, too, am only human. And success is something you cannot force. Consequently, I would like you to not come with great expectations.

Well, those are my ideas about how cooperation could be agreed upon.

🙂 You might almost take this to be my General Terms and Conditions.

(Translated by EG)

The picture is by Franziska Köppe (madiko), who took it on the Hamburg-Altona PM Camp closed session. Next to me, you find Klaus Hofeditz, who is now promoting the first international project management camp (PM-Camp) in Barcelona #PMCampBar. And I feel privileged to be godfather to #PMCampBar and thus to support Klaus. This is also a way

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