When I read a newspaper during my vacation, it mostly means I am a few days behind. But then, the newspapers from a few days ago also have quite some content. For instance, Turkey wants to renovate 40 million flats to make them earth-quake resistant. They want to control it centrally. Calling it a huge national effort.

They introduced a governmental program that looks epoch-making. Now doesn’t that sound great? It sounds like somebody has eventually found a solution to a problem. At long last, someone actually gets active. Here comes the great national rising – modern Turkey on its way towards the future. It will certainly go without saying that such a huge national project cannot take the inhabitants into consideration. After all, we all want it to be a success, don’t we?

The report sounds a little like Chinese reports. I do not believe in these kinds of programs. They cause too much frustration. Once in a while, you get a few (initial) success stories, but eventually, there is almost always failure. We find too many negative examples for such mega projects, both in countries and societies. Mostly, they leave behind more ruins and wreckage than improvement.

Exactly those companies that previously profited from having people live in derelict buildings will again profit from these projects. Much money will be burned. And in the end, a lot will have been without much effect and the positive consequences will be rather moderate. Regardless, I am sure it makes sense to make buildings earth-quake resistant. Because, after all, what would be the alternative?

Even with topics as important as this one, I would prefer a policy that enlightens the people through transparent information and communication. Such an approach should aim at changing social concepts and create a spirit of rising, which again would motivate local initiatives. Which would probably be less expensive and, above all, more sustainable.

(Translated by EG)

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