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darwin_flyer_sose09At Munich Technical University, there are always some interesting presentations that I like to hear. Now I got a special hint.
The Carl von Linde-Akademie at Munich Technical University organizes a lecture series on the revolution of the image of the world in nature, technology and society. Leading you through the presentation will be Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer (Academic Director of Carl von Linde-Akademie and chair holder in philosophy and scientific theory at TU München).

The same venue housed the presentation of Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Reitzle, head of directors at Linde AG, on October, 21st, 2005 when he spoke about “Measuring in Terms of Humanity – What Makes Tomorrow’s Technologies a Success” at the series of the TUM Business Club. I also heard his special festive presentation when the Carl von Linde-Akademie was opened at May, 3rd, 2004 in the Pinakothek der Moderne on “The Culture of Responsibility and Innovation in Economy and Society”.

What Dr. Reitzle said about “Replacing Fossil Energies by Technologies Based on Hydrogen” was extremely interesting. Unfortunately, these kinds of topics are neglected because of the world economical crisis, although they might well play a major part during man’s further evolutionary process.

I very much look forward to the aforementioned series of presentations and I will try to hear all four lectures. Here is the information on the event as it can also be found on the  Carl von Linde-Akademie website.

Darwins Evolutionstheorie heute

Prof. Dr. Josef H. Reichholf, Leiter der Hauptabteilung Wirbeltiere der Zoologischen Staatssammlung München; Honorarprofessor für Naturschutz und Gewässerökologie, TU München

Evolution – von der unbelebten zur belebten Natur

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Rechenberg, Professor für Bionik und Evolutionstechnik, TU Berlin

Evolution und Gesellschaft – zur Wechselwirkung zwischen Naturauffassung und Sozialtheorie

Prof. Dr. Markus Vogt, Lehrstuhl für Christliche Sozialethik, LMU München

What do we know today about the transition from inanimate nature to pre-biotic evolution? Nowadays, the importance of the evolutionary theory far exceeds zoology. It is an inspiration to key technologies from genetics and bio-technology to robotics. Besides, it stir(red) up the human understanding of ourseslves like no other scientific discovery.

In the sersies of lectures: „Darwins Revolution des Weltbilds. Natur, Technik und Gesellschaft“we want to discuss the evolutionary theory and its consequences for technology and society.

Veranstalter: Carl von Linde-Akademie mit Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS) und Arbeitskreis “Technik und Ethik” in Zusammenarbeit mit der KHG und EHG an der TU München

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer (Akademischer Direktor der Carl von Linde-Akademie und Lehrstuhl für Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie der TU München)

Ort: TU München Stammgelände (Arcisstr. 21, München), Hörsaal 1180
Zeit: Montag, 18:15 Uhr

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