utum_interface_3Last Thursday, we signed the cooperation contract between unternehmerTUM and Manage&More and InterFace AG. We went out to Gate 8 for the ceremony in the “Kreativ-Lab” of UnternehmerTUM. Now all is set for Manage&More to do the team project in the winter semester of 2009/2010 together with InterFace AG.

The project aims at validating and further developing the brand InterFace. Inter-disciplinary teams will analyse the company culture and positioning of InterFace AG on the market.

utum_interface_2Together, we want to research the latent potential of our enterprise. How can you nurture the existing enterprise culture and make it visible on the market? Which tools should an enterprise like InterFace use for internal and external communication in these modern times? How should a modern service enterprise of the generation “enterprise 2.0” work?
We are quite curious about what young students expect of our kind of enterprise, and we look forward to reading about all the new ideas for presentation on the market.

utum_interface_1A total of 20 TUM students, along with project supervisors, will constitute four inter-disciplinary teams under the guidance of Frau Doris Prieller-Bruck.

Following the well-established Manage&More processes, these teams will analyse and reflect the enterprise InterFace. Thus, we hope to add an “outside image” to our “inside image”. I am sure we will generate good ideas for the future of our enterprise together.

Employees and directors already look forward to cooperating with students and colleagues of U-TUM!
(Translated by EG)

The pictures were taken and sent to me by Christian Schüller. Many thanks!

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