Sabrina Niederle wrote a report on the current state of our team project Manage&More/unternehmerTUM for InterFace AG:

Manage&MoreIt is the goal of the team project to analyze and evaluate the “brand InterFace AG” and to further strengthen it by actual advice and strategies. Our team at Manage&More is made up of 21 students and doctoral candidates from different faculties. We have been working on InterFace AG and its stakeholders since early November.

On November, 20th, 2009, we reached the first milestone. First results and facts won in the individual interviews, observations, self-awareness tests and research were now written down in the “brown paper”.

The procedure was as follows:

a) Three relevant results and the corresponding awareness were processed (see picture). 
b) Based on the processed results and awareness, personal requirements were deduced.

Here is a practical example:

In an interview conducted by one member of the Manage&More team, a computer science student said he also works freelance in his leisure time, is interested in huge enterprises like Google and keeps himself informed through reading pamphlets. From this conversation, the basic awareness was that the student is highly active, a very free spirit and capable of gathering information about whatever he is confronted with. On a more abstract level, a high level of freedom was deduced to be his fundamental requirement.

The second phase was started on November, 29th, 2009. Based on the requirements found during the first phase and with the assistance of various creativity techniques, first ideas and prototypes will be designed.

As a general rule, the project works on an iterative principle: the Manage&More team will continue to conduct interviews, etc. from which they will continue to deduce results/awareness and personal requirements. Based on those, they will again generate new ideas and design prototypes or improve the ones already in existence.
It is also planned to hand out questionnaires to all InterFace AG employees early next week. This will be done by team number 3 in coordination with Christof Stierlen.

On Tuesday, December, 1st, 2009, we have scheduled another Jour Fixe. InterFace employees are warmly encouraged to participate.

And here is another day you should already write down in your calendar: the intermediate presentation on December, 18th, 2009, probably again on Friday afternoon at InterFace!

(Translated by EG)

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