Roland Dürre
Wednesday June 22nd, 2011

The Internet in Finland

Allegedly, Finland is the perfect country of wireless communication. A cell-phone paradize. At least, that was my prejudice before starting on my trip to Finland. And here is the news: It is true!

Finland is truly tele-communicative all over. Many companies only have a mobile WLAN router and never use the fixed network at all. During our boat trip, I also had a full GPRS signal even at the most remote docking places.

Still, I could not read my emails. It worked neither with my “client” in i-map mode, nor with OWA (Microsoft, “light”). There was just no way the transfer did not get stuck somewhere.

Why was that? I presume my emails just got too long. The simple small ASCII text always did well. Then, as soon as a long email arrived, a complicated one with plenty of attachments –  nothing worked any more!
I think Hans Bonfigt is correct. The things we send around these days are beyond reasonable.

Incidentally, in the bigger cities we came through when travelling Finland, I always had quite a good UTMS signal. Those were the times when it returned – the data motorway. On this motorway, it seems to make no difference how much rubbish you send through the air.

But maybe data motorways will one day be viewed just as critically as now the real motorways will soon be!?

(Translated by EG)

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