Roland Dürre
Wednesday February 24th, 2016

Jubilee – A Hundred Videos Downloaded to Youtube!

I have now had a Youtube-Channel for a few years. As with almost all my internet activities, I call myself rolandduerre or Roland Dürre. I just noticed that I published my hundredth video on January, 13th, 2016. It makes me quite happy to celebrate this jubilee. Consequently, I will now write a short post about it.

Among other things, I publish the IF Forum presentations on my YouTube channel. But you can also find considerable parts of Rupert Lay’s works on the channel. I was there for many of his presentations, especially on the Ronneburg with Bernd Sielaff  behind the video camera. There are also some of my own presentations about current topics around InterFace and IT. And more often than not, my friend Friedrich Lehn (fhlcinema) was the man behind the video camera and the mixing console.

The jubilee video is a short report on the barcamp for Active Mobility in everyday life #AktMobCmp of earlier this year:

The uncrowned champion is: Klaus-Jürgen Grün. He tops all other recordings with his presentation of “The Art of Negative Thinking”.

Personally, I consider the presentations by Rupert Lay extremely important in our times. He established his philosophical heritage in two presentations. Here is part 1, where he demands a New Enlightenment.

Very much a current topic – even though already recorded a few years back: Wilfried Bommert:

My favourite video recordings are, for example, those with Eberhard Huber or Roger Dannenhauer  …

But there are many more great orators on the channel. I do not want to name them all. So why don’t you just visit and browse through my Youtube-Channel?
Incidentally, I also find this presentation of mine rather nice.

(Translated by EG)

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