Roland Dürre
Saturday March 20th, 2010

KIS,S – KISS or Yet Another KISS

KISS can be interpreted in numerous ways:

Keep it simple, stupid. („Halte es einfach, Dummkopf!“; sinngemäß: Mach’s so einfach wie möglich)
Keep it simple and stupid („Halte es einfach und leicht verständlich“; sinngemäß: „In der Kürze liegt die Würze“)
Keep it small and simple („Gestalte es klein und einfach“)
Keep it sweet and simple („Gestalte es gefällig und einfach“)
Keep it simple and straightforward („Gestalte es einfach und überschaubar“)
Keep it short and simple („Gestalte es kurz und einfach“, aus dem Bereich des Marketing)
Keep it simple and smart („Mach es einfach und schlau“)
Keep it strictly simple („Mach es konsequent einfach“)
Keep it speckless and sane („Mach es sauber und gesund“)
Keep it sober and significant („Mach es schlicht und wesentlich“)

I took these 10 abbreviations from Wikipedia, where you can find more on the KISS principle.

Well, I constantly suffer a little under the criticism of some very scrupulous people. You could also call them know-it-alls.

For instance, whenever I write or say something about KISS in the sense of “keep it short and simple” or “keep it short and smart”, some dogmatically prejudiced people tell me that my citations are wrong. They insist that the first abbreviation – with the comma between the two “s”es – is the only and truly valid one.

They are probably right, too. But what good will it do if the majority of people decided that other useful recommendations can also be abbreviated with KISS? Maybe the KISS principle is just too nice for always insisting on the one version with the comma.

Especially if, after all, all the interpretations complement each other so beautifully. KISS is just a recommendation for all of us to make it simple, because it so happens that we all, being human, are always a little bit of the “small dumb-head”, instead of the “mother of all KISS principles”.

🙂 On this note, I apologize to all schoolmasters if I will continue to use KISS as an abbreviation for rules 2 to 10 and would thank you to abstain from further attempts at enlightening me!

(Translated by EG)

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