Roland Dürre
Sunday March 9th, 2014

Crimea, Crisis, Crass

If someone had asked me a short time ago what country the Crimea belongs to, I would have replied “Russia”. Now we have a “Crimea Crisis” and I learned that the Crimea actually “belongs to” the Ukraine. And every day, the Crimea Crisis is in the news, for instance on Spiegel-OnlineScenarios for the Crimea: Sanctioning, Chaos, War.

To me, the entire situation seems absurd. Basically, the Ukraine is bankrupt. Incidentally, the same is true for many other countries, as well. It is governed by bandits who added to the misery by some plundering of their own. This is also something we know from other countries. Then the country is ceded by its rich neighbour and former ally. Like other countries. And, of course, being poor, they fall victim to the temptations of the rich West.

The people are impoverished and fed up with the situation. As are many other people in other countries. We have uprisings and other strange things happening. Among others, a “German Boxing World Champion” intervenes. Old bandits appear on the scene. And, of course – like many other nations – the Ukraine also has a problem with being a multi-ethnic country with different majorities in different regions, as well as a few minorities.

What usually happens also happens here: the old, perhaps not very legitimate boss, although he has been elected, is displaced. There is a new boss (who was not directly elected). And in his first speech, he underlines the “inviolability of territorial integrity”. And he also has rather dubious supporters.

And then there is sanctioning and big crisis debates. The entire world is getting involved. Politicians make themselves important, talking sanctioning. And in the end, there will be a new order in this region as well – no matter what.

Simultaneously, they celebrate the “Olympic Games of the Handicapped”, an afterbirth of the Olympic Games that were useless, anyway: since all they did was serve the dictator and the western entertainment concerns.

Is not all of this stupid?

Was Yugoslavia not also divided? Czechoslovakia is now two countries. A short time ago, the “Germen entrepreneurs in Catalonia warned against the dire consequences of an independence of the Spanish region”? And in Italy, we also have “Liga Nord”! Does it really make such a huge difference for the world if the Crimea is Russian or Ukrainian? Will there not be many new orientations of nations and territorial borders all over the world in the near future? Isn’t it unavoidable, because the old suits just no longer fit?

The EU protects its borders against the evil economic refugees from Africa through the “border protection agency” Frontex (see my article  of January, 24th, 2010). It is doing so with an army that will shortly be massively upgraded – and it all happens without any parliamentary control.

But strangely enough now the EU wants to help the Ukraine to the tune of 11 billion Euros. Is that in order to make it easier for the Ukraine to pay its even greater debt to Russia? And then they will owe new debts to the EU.

However, the concept “paying off debts” will not be possible. After all, as opposed to us, the Ukraine got their gas with a friendship discount of 30%. Now the Russians have stopped this subsidy. And the Ukraine needs plenty of gas…

Which, incidentally, is also true for the FRG.

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Wood (Tuesday March 18th, 2014)

    Dear Roland, this flippant tone reminds me of your piece on the finance crisis. I find it unhelpful. There is a serious problem in the world concerning a good balance between the advantages of democracy and stability.
    I do not understand why you refer to Dr. Klitschko as a German boxer. He seems to talk more sense than most of the other politicians.

  2. rd (Tuesday March 18th, 2014)

    Mir scheint, dass alle handelnden Instanzen ganz konkrete Ziele zum vermeintlich eigenen Vorteil verfolgen, aber kein “Player” sich um “Stabilität durch Bilanz” oder gar “demokratische Ideale” kümmert. Und soweit ich das übersehen kann, haben Klitschko und Komplizen keine ruhmreiche oder gar verantwortliche Rolle ausgeübt. Sie erschienen mir eher ferngesteuerte Heißmacher zu sein. Aber wer weiß, was da wirklich gespielt wird? Ich nicht …

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