🙂 Formerly, you always talked about: my house,  my Porsche, my wife/wives, my horse, my yacht, my villa, my island  …

Today, it is different. I have no Porsche, no car and only one wife. I also no longer own a dog and never had a horse. Neither do I very much miss the yacht and the island. Before long, I will have moved into a smaller house – and then I will no longer own a villa.

To make up for it, I am rich on the internet. I own a number of websites: my very personal website is duerre.de. Unfortunately, I have far too little time for it. And then there is my blog, on which I work together with friends:  if-blog.de. I am also responsible for the enterprise website, since I am holding the majority of shares in it (www.interface-ag.de) and for the IF-AGORA homepage, for which I am doing the management.

I am also quite active on twitter. Most important for me, there is @RolandDuerre, but there is also @IFAGORA and, far from negligible @InterFaceAG. And there are two more twitter usernames of mine. Since they are not so important, I will refrain from listing them here.

Not to mention all my various email addresses. The same is true for all my laptops and computers, all of which I badly need. They run with the operating systems Mac-OS, Linux and Windows (in order of priority).

But I am also present at Xing, linkedin and Facebook. And, of course, also at Wikipedia. Also at the German Railways (the politically correct name is “Deutsche Bahn AG”, but you never know how it will continue) and at Lufthansa (along with several other airlines). And then there are numerous clubs and interest groups. And a few communities. With most of them, I am not even aware of my membership any more.

I also registered at “StayFriends” a long time ago. My personal data there contain the information that I attended the Augsburg “Jacob-Fugger” Grammar School and graduated from there in 1969.

StayFriends has been sending me emails of the following kind on a regular basis:

Your former classmate Ulrich Zöttl now registered at StayFriends! Oliver Thiel, StayFriends [service@stayfriends.de]

Mostly, I do not know the ex-classmates who allegedly went to school with me. Yesterday morning, it was different. I received the aforementioned notification and when I read Uli’s name, the name rang a bell. We were good friends about 45 years ago. Consequently, I wanted to contact him.

But this is not possible on Stayfriends. I would have to buy a membership and pay a yearly fee for it. Well, that is something I do not care for as a matter of principle, let alone on the internet.

So what does your ordinary internet user do (in this case: your Roland Dürre). Well, he enters Ulrich Zöttl at Google (or on any other search mechanism – after all, there are enough of them). In this case, I just used Facebook. So I just had to add him to my friends’ list and on the very same evening, we had a wonderful email dialogue.

This is how you do it on the internet today.

🙂 Except that I fail to understand the entrepreneurial model of “StayFriends”. Isn’t it a pity? Oliver Thiel will probably never be able to afford villa, yacht, Porsche wife/wives, dog, horse or island. Or maybe he will, after having sold out to Facebook?

Greetings from Leogang! I look forward to a marvellous skiing Monday under the early-year sun!

(Translated by EG)

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