Roland Dürre
Tuesday August 20th, 2013

Living in Paradise !

DIGITAL CAMERAIn fact, I was going to write:

In our small paradise near the Porto Ageranos in Vathi, Mani in the south of the Peloponnes, on the middle finger, everything is as it always was.

Well, it is true for the food, for the ocean and the weather and for how we feel really comfortable. It is also true for the people we meet and the quiet atmosphere we enjoy.

But actually, many things have changed.

DIGITAL CAMERAMy “Morning-Swim” is now longer than it used to be. And also, in these last four days, I rode my bike to Gythio every morning.

In Gythio, I bought a Süddeutsche Zeitung for the “kids” every morning, drank a cup of Greek medium sweet in a coffee shop on the harbour, read a little and then went online with my Nexus. Because they also have a free WLAN “touristiko”.

And then I was on my leisurely way riding back those 14 kilometres to the campground under the hot Greek midday sun.

DIGITAL CAMERASitting in the coffee shop, I saw an MSC cruiser in Gythio harbour. It seems like the cruisers, too, have re-discovered Gythio. Also, the ferry from Gythio again has a stopover at Crete. That means time will probably get better for Gythio. This beautiful little harbour town certainly deserves it.

It is also a surprise that none of our children starts an argument about who (with one small exception) has to do the dishwashing. On the contrary: the volunteers seem to be competing for the job! Naturally, for us parents, this is a little unusual.

And yesterday night, the children all of a sudden wanted to go to bed earlier than the oldies. This is a totally new and sensational experience.
This is how the world changes for parents when the children become adults.

(Translated by EG)

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