Roland Dürre
Wednesday July 13th, 2011

My Life (My Visiting Cards As Time Went By)

When I was tidying up, I found old visiting cards of mine.

On the upper left corner, you see the most attractive one. Unfortunately, you can only see the impregnated “Siemens” well if you enlarge the picture (just click on the image).

I learned a lot at Siemens. All kinds of operating systems in process computers (for example with the 6 bit assembler „Prosa“) and processing systems (BS1000, BS2000). Diverse assemblers and higher programming languages. When I was a working student, I helped produce a controlling machine (PALOG B). Later, when I had a full-time job at Siemens, I developed Transdata (System 96xx) and provided technological support for special projects, such as SNATCH (SNA/Transdata Coupling of Hosts), Dispol and START.

My next step after Siemens was Softlab – today Cirquent. There, I learned Pet Maestro – and lots of other hardware and software. Names such as DEC, VMS and Kienzle were my daily companions. And the topics were ultra modern – for example video text (Bildschirmtext).

Then my way continued via Peter Schnupp to InterFace. First, there was the InterFace Computer run by Claus M. Müller and shortly afterwards we founded Connection. Unfortunately, I can no longer find our first visiting cards of “InterFace Connection Gesellschaft für Kommunikationssoftware”. It looked exactly like the blue one of  InterFace Computer (that is the second from the top on the left side), except it was green – which, incidentally, is my favourite colour.

In between, I also held the presidency of an Indian subsidiary company (Ampersand – note the word game). But that never grew into anything significant.

We also had a crisis. I am reminded of it as I see the “Aubergine” (fourth from the top on the right column).

Well – and now we are orange.

Visiting cards, too, are something that can cause a sentimental mood.

(Translated by EG)

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