Roland Dürre
Thursday October 3rd, 2013

My Next Presentations…

I will soon again give some presentations; for instance at the University of the German Armed Forces in Neubiberg on October, 24th during a colloquium, or at the DOAG Conference in Nuremberg in November. Regardless of the fact that the “frontal exposure to sonic waves” usually happening on conferences are no longer my favourite, I still enjoy giving these presentations. Inter-active events, such as barcamps, are much more to my liking, because those are the occasions where “many” learn “so much more from many others” than during a workshop or conference. Apart from that, it also gives you a lot of joy and delight, on top of providing all parties concerned with knowledge and experience.

In my current presentations, I will, on the one hand, deal with the “Change in Management” which is so necessary in order to make the “enterprises and social systems in Germany more agile”. On the other hand, I wish to discuss the widespread “marketization” of our society.

As I see it, it is based on a short-sighted human concept of “homo oeconomicus”.

For me, it is important to make sure that I am not being a “presenter”, “speaker” or even “key note speaker” (keynote speaker” – see comment) . I give my presentations because I enjoy the matter I am speaking about and I do not see myself as a paid duty performer. Instead, I would like to be considered a human being who welcomes the opportunity to share his life experience, especially when I get the chance to do so with friends and young persons to whom the future belongs.

Consequently, I will not bring a set of slides that have been only marginally modified as time went by, except that the date and place of each presentation has been updated. I avoid using the often-applied tricks in presentations from “kitchen psychology”, or else building in suggestive diagrams/sketches or other special effects. In my presentations, I try not to take advantage of populist sentiments. Instead, I simply present my experience.

All this means that I prepare for the current situation and expected audience with each presentation, before presenting my ideas more or less extemporaneously.

Here is the content of my next presentations:

This time around, I aim at showing how well-off we Middle-Europeans are, at least as far as the economy is concerned. I keep reading about crises – and then I often think that if this is what they call “crisis”, then I wish for a permanent crisis. I could easily imagine that many in this country suffer from a value or purpose crisis and I actually believe that we partly live “decadently”. Because we have become victims of a radical marketization which rules all our areas of our life. And, of course, we ourselves, too, are to blame for it.

We might actually be able to flee from this trap if agile humans (and managers) are prepared to take responsibility, to make prudent decisions and to act wisely. Consequently, my presentation will tell you my definition of an agile manager.

And I also want to show the importance of distinguishing between ethics and morals. As I see it, this is very important, because enterprises, too, have their “morals”.  And those will often lead to schematic but poor decisions. I believe we will only be able to decide well instead of poorly if we are aware of the difference between morals and ethics.

So what I want to show with the example of the type “dogmatic manager” – which dominates many of our enterprises – is how using “dominant logics” gained through set opinions our enterprises (social systems with economic goals) and their worlds produce no end of wrong decisions.

(Translated by EG)

Of course, I will be very happy if many of my friends come, for instance, to watch my presentation on Thursday, October, 24th at 18.00 hours in the Neubiberg University of the German Armed Forces. For more information just send me an Email .

3 Kommentare zu “My Next Presentations…”

  1. Chris Wood (Friday October 4th, 2013)

    Hi Roland, I think you mean “keynote speaker”, rather than “key not speaker”, or was that a joke?
    Can you here briefly explain the difference between “Ethik” and “Moral”?
    In English, there is little difference between ethics and morals. “Moral” as spoken with a short “a” is the adjective meaning “ethical”, while “moral” spoken with a long “a”, coming (I think) from the French means rather “having a good feeling”, like soldiers happily killing people. There are also differences depending whether singular or plural is used.
    LEO is not much help, giving the impression that the words are sometimes (but not always) interchangeable. Somehow I cannot imagine you standing there explaining all this to an eager audience.

  2. rd (Friday October 4th, 2013)

    Hi – war eher die Rechtschreibkontrolle … 🙂 “key not speaker”. Ist aber als “joke” auch nicht schlecht 🙂

  3. rd (Friday October 4th, 2013)

    @Chris: Hier mein Versuch, den Unterschied zwischen Ethik und Moral zu erklären

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