Roland Dürre
Tuesday October 15th, 2019

Melancholy in October .

In the warm country!

On Thursday, I went to the Sommerhausen Torturmtheater. It was the opening night of “All you Want” by  Mathieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière. It was a great night and we enjoyed it very much.

Afterwards, I had arranged to meet someone. He never showed. They tell me he fell sick and has to stay in bed.

On Friday, back in Neubiberg, I have a dinner appointment. It was cancelled. Due to sickness.

On Saturday, in the Neubiberg Cabaret “Platform Three“, my friend Lothar is acting as stage director because the professional who was supposed to do it has cancelled. He caught a cold.

On Sunday, I am scheduled to meet my daughter and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is sick.

So now it has arrived – the evil autumn. And afterwards, the even more ruthless friend winter is waiting to take over. Against climate change.

And I know that, like every year, I, too, will be affected. I will catch cold and suffer from a sore throat more than once.

Why am I stupid enough to stay around? Allegedly, I have freedom to go where I want to go. Nobody forces me to stay. All I would have to do is buy a flight ticket – for instance to La Réunion. Where it is warm and I would still be staying in Europe, even in the EU. My flatrate would be valid and I could pay with Euros and enjoy life.

The French “savoir de vivre“ would really be to my liking. Since, through my taxes, I partly finance this French Paradize, I am actually even entitled to it. And I would not catch a cold. In exchange, my linguistic competence in French would retrieve its old splendour.

All I would have to do is board a flight and then stay in La Réunion for a few months. Until the sun returns to Europe. And then I could return to European Soil in a good mood in April after de-boarding a plane.

I am not going to do it because Barbara wishes to be in Munich for Christmas. With our children and grandchildren. There is no way she can be persuaded to miss it.

To be sure, I know some women who would be quite happy if their husbands were willing to spend the frosty part of their late life in warm climates with them. But those husbands would never come up with the idea.

But you cannot persuade my significant other to go abroad at Christmas. She prefers to suffer – as a just punishment – under my bad mood that was caused by a cold and a sore throat (and by the darkness and the poor weather). But she is quite willing to accept that. I have no chance. And thus, I stay at home.

Perhaps, instead of going to the airport, I should go and see a general practitioner? And maybe I should get a flu vaccination? Except that I do not really believe in such dubious methods.

I would wish to see a clean big data analysis that researches how many of those people who have been vaccinated actually catch the flu. And compare it to an analysis that finds out how many of those without a vaccination caught it. I have been looking for this kind of study intensely, but could not find it.

But probably, due to data security, such an honest study cannot even be considered. And if that is not a hindrance, then the producers of the vaccination material are opposed to it. They are more interested in the mercantile than in the medical results – and (at least so I heard), the former are quite good, thank you very much. I wonder if the same is true for the latter. Or are, perhaps, those results so bad that they would only minimize the sales?

I found a lot of online advertising for the vaccination. And they praised the fact that the new vaccine this year is against four instead of three (1) (1) pathogenes. What a gigantic progress! What a pity that the flu virus mutates with such speed and that there are so many variants.

Perhaps the flu vaccination is a little like the lottery: If, instead of processing three tables in summer, the enthusiastic lottery player will now process four tables in winter, his chances of hitting a jackpot are not really a lot better, are they? Well, those are sad ideas full of autumnal melancholy. Consequently, I am doing really poorly.

And then it gets even worse. Because I remember that the Golf Stream is weakening and might topple at any moment now. Is that good news or bad news? After all, it would mean that local winters get so uncomfortable that my dear wife will immediately be willing to migrate to La Réunion with me.

But then, this is not a hope of mine. Because if it comes to this, it will be too late. Everything at home would lie in ruins. My many wonderful Euros would not help me at all, nobody would be willing to take me in in a nice warm country. And I am not sure if I would wish to flee illegally. I would perhaps remain at home because I would prefer dying of the cold in Germany to drowning in the Mediterranean.

How bad. But now, instead of falling victim to a winter depression, I remain in my autumnal melancholy,

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Hans Bonfigt (Wednesday October 16th, 2019)

    Hallo Roland !

    Es klappt nicht bei jedem, aber bei mir umso besser:
    Regelmäßig in die Sauna !

    Und Sie sind doch sowieso regelmäßig im ‘Phoenix’ !
    Die haben doch sehr schön erweitert und renoviert !

    Ich empfehle ja gern die Saunen mit geringer Luftfeuchtigkeit und vergleichsweise hohen Temperaturen.
    Aufguß muß gar nicht sein (wenn, dann etwa 10 Minuten vorher in die Sauna gehen), schnelles “Abschrecken” im kalten Becken oder unter dem Eimer dagegen soll zur Cortisolbildung beitragen.

    Früher nahm ich jeden Schnupfen und jede Grippe mit, heute vielleicht ein Mal pro Jahr.

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