Roland Dürre
Friday August 31st, 2012


IF blog is now in the middle of its Summer Slump. I am staying near the beach for two weeks, seeing to And I add a few “catch phrase articles” to the “keywords”. Today, I will write about “Mediocrity”:

My friend and teacher Rupert Lay thinks that the biggest problem in our social, economic and political lives is the growing proportion of mediocrity.

To me, it looks mediocre if you determine your goals in the manner of slavery according to your super-ego, where society tells you “this is how it is” or “here is how it should be done”, instead of fighting against irrationality and immorality. It is mediocre if my idea of entrepreneurship  is based on the shareholder value. The same is true if my concept of private happiness is determined by how much I earn and how (seemingly) secure my financial situation is.

The only way to surpass mediocrity is if you take responsibility for yourself and extend your own life in many dimensions. And if you are lucky, your own actions will spread beyond your own horizon. Perhaps you will even meet similar-minded people…

This is true both for your job and your partnership, in your family and in all areas of life. However, it is not easy. I never manage.

Because my mediocrity is like the fairy tale of the hare and the hedgehog. Whenever I have reached my destination, this stupid hedgehog will sit there and stick its tongue into my face.

And now I decree an internet break until Sunday!

(Translated by EG)

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