Roland Dürre
Thursday May 31st, 2018

Modern Enterprises (Entrepreneur’s Diary #125)


This is my attempt at outlining a “modern enterprise”.


If you visit Antarctica, you will see the condition of our planet. We badly need change.

Because: The country needs new enterprises.

If we wish to improve our lives, perhaps even if we just want to survive, we will have to drastically change our individual behaviour and the fringe conditions of our society in politics, business, social and cultural areas.

🙁 In this article, I do not wish to write about social and cultural changes. In politics, I find the current tendencies towards demolition of the rule of law rather critical and dangerous. As far as business is concerned, I think we have now reached a perverse state of affairs that is really threatening. This is where we must start the process of change.

We managed to counter the destruction of our own bodies due to hard labour with the use of machines. Since the industrial revolution, we managed to drastically decrease the number of working hours per day.

Now the trend turns. Our growth ideology promotes an exploitation of both ourselves and others for stupid goals. The resulting burden is on our personal and social life (and on our families). By now, the process has reached a grotesque and fear-inspiring level (all-day care for small children, all-day schools for children and adolescents, several parallel jobs for grown-ups, full-time work for men and women, often in combination with hours of commuting that make the work day even longer, normal work on four or five days far away from home).

One would assume that it is the task of the state to change this situation. However, just like the unions, the state will not be able to do anything about it. Change is a task for all people who are concerned with the economy and who are responsible for enterprises – i.e. for many of us.

We must counterbalance the blind dogma of “productivity” with a new efficiency that promotes less waste (#nowaste) and more humanity. We must meet the wishes expressed by especially our young generation that say our work environments need some modification.

People are not here to serve the economy, but the economy is here to serve the people.

In this sense, our country needs new enterprises. There are quite a few communities and people who are concerned with the concept of #NewWork (#newwork) and who also try it out.

As early as in 1984, Wolf (Geldmacher) and yours truly, as the founders of InterFace Connection GmbH, aimed at establishing a really new and different enterprise. Unfortunately, we (and later I alone) only managed to do this during the first few years. Then the enterprise “grew up” and there were problems. Perhaps the time was not ripe, and/or I made too many mistakes.

Today, I at least feel competent to describe what such an enterprise would need to look like. I also know huge and small enterprises that show that modern enterprises, as described below, actually work quite well. This is true both for service providers (health, hotel, IT, mobility, care for the elderly and handicapped,… ) and the producing sector (bicycle technology, clothes, food, shoes, software, sports articles,…).

I would like to remind the reader that the following text describes many patterns that would be “ideal“ if realized. You will not find them too often in their purest form. It is already quite some progress if an enterprise leans towards the proposed direction.

I would also ask the kind reader to keep in mind that the following impulses are not supposed to be a textbook (which, with this topic, would have hundreds of pages). Instead, it is a lose document that wants to inspire a little bit and make you a little thoughtful!


Here are the outstanding characteristics of a modern

  • Common-good economy;
  • Networking idea;
  • Core competence and core business;
  • Customer and product centred;
  • Structure;
  • Processes;
  • Teams;
  • Infra-structure;
  • Requirements;
  • Culture and values;
  • Dynamics.

These are the important issues I would wish to discuss today!

Trahslation will be continued soon

(Translated by EG)

2 Kommentare zu “Modern Enterprises (Entrepreneur’s Diary #125)”

  1. Thomas Kleiner (Friday June 1st, 2018)

    Lieber Roland, beim Lesen Deiner Ausführungen kam mir der Gedanke, dass sich viele Deiner Gedanken nahtlos auf ein bekanntes Kleinstunternehmen in Deutschland, nämlich die Familie übertragen lässt. Daher bin ich auch sehr froh, dass ich in meiner Familie immer das Prinzip Selbstorganisation fordere und fördere. So ist für mich absolut klar, dass ich ganz entspannt reagieren werde, wenn meine Tochter (aktuell 8 Jahre) mit 35 Jahren ihren ersten Freund mit nach Hause bringen wird.
    Im Ernst: ich habe eine Befürchtung, dass die Zahl derer (und mich komplett persönlich davon ausnehmen, kann ich mich nicht – siehe männliche Freunde meiner Tochter), im Unternehmen größer ist, als am Stammtisch. Gleichzeitig bin ich der festen Überzeugung, dass meine Tochter sich nicht an die Regeln ihres Alten halten wird, sondern einen Weg gehen wird, der sich eng an den von Dir genannten Charakteristika orientieren wird. Herzliche Grüße Thomas

  2. Thomas Kleiner (Friday June 1st, 2018)

    Kommentar zu meinem eigenen Kommentar:
    Mit der “Zahl derer” meinte ich die Zahl derer, die Du beschrieben hast, welche signifikante Schwierigkeiten mit den Prinzipien von Selbstorganisation und Freiheit haben

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