Roland Dürre
Thursday June 5th, 2014

Moral and Ethics – A Very Short Comment! ♫

There is a song by John Lennon – the title is “instant Karma“.

🙂 The “Instant Karma” always reminded me of “instant coffee”. Or “instant meditation” – for instance for managers who have no time.

Today, I will try “instant philosophy” (on moral and ethics).

Moral wants to regulate everything by rules.

and it determines what you have to do and what you should not do.

Ethics will appease moral.

Ethical behaviour expects you to have determined your “moral rules” through social consensus. However, your behaviour must follow an ethically responsible balance of values where the moral aspects should certainly be part of the considerations. Yet the decision can be made freely and responsibly by all individuals.

If you actually want to apply this rule, you will often find it too complicated and cannot practically realize the procedure.

The solution might be negation. What matters is no longer what you do, but what you refrain from doing!

For instance, if you take sustainability as an example: everybody wants sustainability. Consequently, sustainability became an anti-word. Since the term sustainability is not suitable for defining moral behaviour, it soon burnt up. Because you cannot define what exactly “sustainable behaviour” means.

Consequently, if you want to live your life in a sustainable way, you will not find “sustainable activities”. All you can do is refrain from doing what is not in accordance with your intent. In other words: the only way to live in a sustainable way is not to do things which are not sustainable. And you will have no problem finding what is not sustainable.

Very easy!

As a reward, listen to the song by Big John!

(Translated by EG)

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