Roland Dürre
Tuesday July 14th, 2009

Sustainability of Our Soil!

In order to survive, we need air and soil. That is why reading the following sentences is especially painful for me:

Every day, the equivalent of 125 soccer fields of fertile soil disappear underneath streets and construction sites, 1.2 hectare of them alone in Bavaria. The soil gets planed, asphalted and built over. Grass will not grow over ground that has been pressurized by tar, asphalt and concrete. We all have to live with the consequences. Will there be floods of the century every other year in the future?

The paragraph is from an SZ article of September, 27th, 2005.

Chances are that even the world economical crisis did not have a noticeably beneficial effect on this development. How many old and new office buildings in and around the “fat circle” of Munich stand empty? Regardless of this, numerous office buildings continue to go up. That is hard to understand.

The same is true for motorways, beltways around towns, and even runways for airplanes, although it is perfectly obvious that the individualized traffic powered by fossil energy is a dying swan and flight traffic will soon decline drastically.

I also see more and more discount shops and supermarkets with huge parking areas surrounded by green fields, most of which are empty most of the time. The cemeteries, too, get larger and larger parking places occupied only once each year.

To me, this does not make sense. Mind you, it would be very easy to put a stop to the consumption of soil. All you would have to do is put one rule into effect:

Whoever wants to denaturalize Bavarian soil will only get the permission to do so if – in compensation – he naturalizes the same amount of soil elsewhere in Bavaria!

With this measure, we would soon get to have at least enough sustainability to preserve the status quo.

🙂 But today, the Legislative Body of Bavaria will use all its manpower for coming up with a new law on (reduced) non-smoker protection.

(Translated by EG)

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