Roland Dürre
Friday July 17th, 2009

Sustainability in Norway

NorwegenThe population of Norway is about 4.9 Million, but the country is as big as Germany.

Norway was an extremely poor country. Then came the oil boom. Norway wanted to be very careful about sustainability in business. That is why they only spent part of the money earned in crude oil and gas production. The rest of the money was invested profitably.

In very secure bonds.

I hope that will not backfire.

Lest the bonds become fire and smoke, just like the oil and gas does.

It might have been stragegically a little more sustainable to leave at least part of the oil and gas buried in the earth. Now, that soil, too, only exists on paper.

Why do people sell a property the value of which increases at a faster rate than the interest you can get through selling?

Is it greed? Or was there some pressure from the mighty neighbours, because no oil producing country must refrain from selling its oil?

(Translated by EG)

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