Roland Dürre
Sunday February 13th, 2011

An Afterthought on the Train Accident in Saxony-Anhalt

I received several comments on my article about the train accident in Saxony-Anhalt. Here are some of them:

During the last few weeks, I received some sad news from railway workers. Unfortunately, you were right: the sloppiness at “Deutsche Bahn” is scandalous.

Here are the facts:

-> A safety point, the existence of which I simply had taken for granted and which would certainly have stopped any train passing the stop signal, did not exist – regardless of the fact that it would have been easy to install.
-> Technologically speaking, the re-fitting with a “simple” Indusi would have been child’s play. The “magnets” on the tracks are not what I mean. They are just oscillating circuits designed for special frequencies which can be short-circuited if necessary, thereby having an influence on its counterpart on the vehicle. Consequently, you not need external electricity in order to re-fit with Indusi, The process would have cost a few thousand Euros.


A track built with the safety technology of 1912 is protected by architectural conservation legislation. You can use it until doomsday. As soon as, however, the route is changed, the new route has to be up to the current safety standards. This would have meant: “PZB 90″, which, again, would have cost around half a million Euros, instead of a few thousand.

-> The “Deutsche Bahn” probably hoped to put the route out of service in the near future and therefore waited with new modernization.

Drama or Grotesque?

Greed in the form of stock-exchange madness and stupidity disguised as “harmonized” railway rules are a deadly mixture.

To me, this comment sounds very competent. Either we have total safety, or n one. There is nothing left to say for me.

(Translated by EG)

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