Roland Dürre
Tuesday January 24th, 2012

New Video with Rupert Lay

Between Sunday and Monday, I uploaded another one of Rupert Lay’s presentations to Youtube. The title is

A New Structure for the Political and Economic World.

The presentation was given on September, 13th, 1998 at the Bad Boll „Akademischer Akademie“.

It is a very important presentation, because it explains much that moves us today. I strongly recommend for you to at least watch the first five minutes. Rupert is referring to the actual problems of the time and has a few unpleasant things to say about future consequences. It seems that they all became reality. That makes it a presentation of almost prophetic dimensions.

It would make me very happy if you were to watch it!

(Translated by EG)

Now I have seven more presentations by Rupert left that still need publishing. I plan to publish the next one in around four weeks. And it makes me particularly happy that I will – after a long pause – finally meet Rupert again a day and a week from now (on February, 1st).

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