Roland Dürre
Friday April 27th, 2012

New Video With Rupert Lay: “The New Dishonesty”

This weekend, I downloaded another one of Rupert Lay’s presentation. The title is

The Egotist’s Ethics

Rupert Lay gave this presentation on September, 10th, 2000 on the Ronneburg castle.

Strange as it may seem, but I can still very well remember this presentation. Perhaps it has something to do with the year 2000. As I remember, the year 2000 seemed to be unbelievably far away in my life for a very long time. And then, all of a sudden, there it was, the end of one millennium and the beginning of the next one.

At the time we organized and recorded Rupert’s presentations, I still felt extremely young and dynamic. Mind you, I was already fifty in 2000. How time goes by. And in some way or other, I still feel young and dynamic – just in a different way.

But that is another reason for once more watching the recording of Rupert’s presentation. “The Egotist’s Ethics“ is also one of those talks of his where I admire his farsightedness!

I would be happy if some of you took a closer look!

As all the others, this presentation, too, was given for the Ronneburger Kreis. It was filmed by Bernd Sielaff and revised by Friedrich Lehn.

(Translated by EG)

As of now, there are five more presentations by Rupert Lay I have not yet published. Expect the next one in around four weeks.

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  1. Chris Wood (Friday April 27th, 2012)

    This is heavy going. Can somebody, (Roland?), produce a comment/précis to indicate what can be gained from listening to it? I decided to read about deconstructivism in wikipedia. From there I got to philosophical constructivism and then mathematical constructivism, (which most mathematicians have not liked, e.g. David Hilbert). This made me nostalgic about my maths study time.
    I liked the first minute of the video.

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