Roland Dürre
Tuesday February 14th, 2012

New Video With Rupert Lay: “The New Dishonesty”

Last Saturday and Sunday, I downloaded another presentation by Rupert Lay to Youtube. It is about

The New Dishonesty

This presentation was given on April, 25th, 1999 on the HYPERLINK “” \o “Website zur Burg, die Zufluchtsort für viele Menschen war.” \t “_blank” Ronneburg castle.

At the beginning of the video, you will find a short introduction with pictures showing the castle. Rupert talks about a new form of dishonesty. I would perhaps have titled his presentation “Our New Way of Lying”, or, following Klaus-Jürgen Grün: “Lies Dressed Up as the Truth“.

It would make me happy if you took a look!

This is another one of the presentations held for the HYPERLINK “” \o “Website des Ronneburger Kreises” \t “_blank” Ronneburger Kreis. The video recording is by HYPERLINK “” \o “Website von Bernd Sielaff” \t “_blank” Bernd Sielaff, HYPERLINK “” \o “Website von f,hlconsult” \t “_blank” Friedrich Lehn did the editing.

(Translated by EG)

Now I have six more presentations by Rupert that have not yet been published. Expect the next one in about four weeks.

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