I often “go public”. With which I mean that I use public transportation! What a word. It is hard to understand.

And then, I see them yet again.

The mother going by subway with her child. She loves her child to pieces. You can really feel how much. And yet – she keeps admonishing him or her. There is nothing the child can do right. She makes the child small.

This is something I do not only notice when going places by subway. It is always another mother and her child.

In a way, it is like management. Well meant is not identical with done well. You want the best – and yet again you fail.

Whenever I give a presentation on what “commandments” managers should adhere to, this is my central argument:

Do not make anybody small!

This is probably the greatest challenge of all for us humans.

I, too, do not appreciate being made small. Yet, it happens to me all the time. Then I try to overlook it, which is hard.

(translated by EG)

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