Roland Dürre
Saturday November 28th, 2009

“Not For Fun Wreckers” or “Journalism Today”

In his comment on my 500. Post (Freiheiten), Hans-Peter reminded me that this article is post number 501. Well, I am surprised myself. Now I hope that my co-authors will write more and more, so that I can write less and less. Until that happens, I will just continue as before.

🙂 And, unfortunately, there is more than enough rubbish around to write about!

TeslaRoadster-frontThere is certainly enough Nonsens printed on paper, and not just in the rainbow press. The “Süddeutsche” does it, too. For example, on Wednesday, November, 25th, I found: ”Awakening from the crisis!” on the first part of the “encourager pages”.
And page 9 starts with a (too) long article “Not For Fun Wreckers” (Fromm/Mühlbauer) anda small column “ABC of the Awakening” (chof).

Great, is what I think. And what do I find? The 25th article on the new sports car by Tesla. With the following teaser:

Battery instead of Diesel: how the Californian sports car manufacturer Tesla tries to transport a green life-style feeling for people used to luxury by advertising electric cars – and how they make money with it.


Fast and good for the climate – the new sports car by Tesla.


The electric motor of the sports car has almost 7,000 re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries as you know them from your cellphone or notebook.

This last sentence is particularly beautiful bullshit.

Why do reporters write such nonsense? I think it is because they (have to) write things they themselves do not believe. And I understand perfectly well that having to sell the Teslar as the solution to our crisis cannot be anybody’s idea of humour. But: Bread prevents misery.

Well, I prefer bloggers. At least, they believe in what they write. And they have fun doing it!


If you do the calculations, you will soon see that electronic cars, indeed, can to some extent be used for individual mobility in a reasonable way. But it can only work if the entire traffic system, vehicles and ways of utilization are subjected to a radical change

I took the picture of the Tesla sports car from wikipedia. It is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0. It was published by fogcat5.

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  1. Wolfgang (Friday December 18th, 2009)

    Ich glaube, Journalisten schreiben solche Sachen, weil sie selber nicht verstehen sondern nur widerkäuen, was ihnen buntes Marketing vorkaut. Jedenfalls ist das meine eigene Erfahrung, wenn Journalisten über komplexe technische Zusammenhänge schreiben sollen/wollen.


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