Roland Dürre
Monday September 13th, 2010

Privacy #5: My Dreams

🙂 In my fight against the fear of losing privacy, I do not mind standing before you totally unclad. Now I will even write about my intimate dreams. The true ones I dream at night. Not the dreams of a lifetime about all the things that might come to be or happen.

For me, dreaming is something special. If I wake up after having dreamt, it mostly means I slept particularly well. Consequently, I always look forward to dreams. It is almost that I crave them.

When I am staying in Munich and working, my life is always full of activities. The day is long and split into many small units. All the time, I have to process new events; all my mental energy is focussed around the office and its environment for many hours. There is no end to new threats or new chances that must be met or taken advantage of.

During those times, I seldom dream. But if I am immersed in a special world, like recently in Mani on the Peloponnesus where we camped, where I could enjoy nature, go swimming all day long and paddle my boat or ride my bike, do some writing or indulge in gluttony, then it only takes a few days and they come – the dreams. That is a treasured experience during a vacation I only find under such very special circumstances.

🙁 Unfortunately, I cannot relate what I dream. Even if they are still very clearly remembered immediately after waking, they pale so fast I cannot take hold of them. Dreams are ten a penny. There is probably no better representation for dreams being so very transient.

Now I stood before you totally unclad and told you about the privacy of my dreams.

🙂  I hope this did not totally ruin all my privacy.

(Translated by EG)

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