Roland Dürre
Wednesday November 17th, 2010

I Fell For It! Or Did I?

After having abstained for quite some time, we finally went shopping again last Saturday, November, 13th. We invested in “hard products”.

For me, we selected a pair of “over-booties” for riding my bike in winter. And Barbara bought a pair of particularly warm and waterproof boots against her cold feet. These days, they offer products with a warmth guarantee up to minus 50 degrees and a waterproof basic rubber shoe.

We bought it all at Sport Sperk in Ottobrunn, right next to the “Isarcenter”. I always like shopping there, also at the equally named bike shop just around the corner.

Taking our goodies with us, we went home in a spirit of contentment. On Monday, November 15th, however, a disappointment was in store for us. An advert from no other than said “Sport Sperk” landed in our letterbox. Starting immediately, all products were at a 20 % discount. Only for a limited period of time.

So what am I to do now?

Get angry? Take the products we bought back and re-buy them at the discount prices? Take it all easy, because, after all, I know quite well that modern sales ideologies have made it their principle to make fools of their customers, or else to trick them? Or should I turn super-optimizer and always look for the least expensive provider for any product I desire on the internet?

We decided to go back to “Sport Sperk”. And I must say: hats off to them. Without much ado, we were given the discount for what we bought two days earlier.

I get annoyed with the permanent discounts. As I see it, they will do more and more harm to the original trust people used to have in commerce. To me, it seems like all the “pricing practices” of products get more and more suspect.

Yet, I found the reaction of the salesperson a good one. I doubt that she will be able to counterbalance the harm done by all those permanent “for sales” and extra discount activities. And I assume that more and more customers will turn away from classic commerce in favour of the least expensive internet provider.

What a pity!

(Translated by EG)

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