Roland Dürre
Sunday July 28th, 2013

Time Out For Roland …

It seems like I, for one, lack energy. This might be due to one or several of the following facts:

  • This is a wonderful summer, providing us all with many beautiful hours of sunshine in the great outdoors which we enjoy tremendously.
  • My move to a new house – it turned out to be quite costly and also caused several unexpected problems.
  • Some small mishaps – such as me mislaying my cell-phone – which kept me rather busy for several days
  • And, last not least, a world which, not only in business, necessitates a degree of blind effort that once in a while is beyond all reason.

Consequently, writing in the IF blog gets neglected. I am truly sorry. On the other hand, I currently make so many more experiences. Incidentally, I already collected plenty of material to write about in the future. Except that currently there is no time for writing. First and foremost, I have to regain a little energy. But I assume I will soon start.

Still, I believe you will find quite a few things in my IF blog where you can explore. I myself, too, keep finding things that surprise me. Look, for instance, at my entrepreneur’s diary (v)  … or why don’t you just browse a little through the IF blog?
Thanks a lot!

(Translated by EG)

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