Roland Dürre
Saturday November 17th, 2012

Looking Back – Wilfried Bommert at the IF Forum

Last Tuesday, Wilfried Bommert of the WDR was our guest at Unterhaching. Wildfried Bommert is a well-known expert when it comes to “feeding the world”. He also published several books on the subject. Currently, he and a few partners are establishing the Berlin  “Institut für Welternährung”.

Our last presentation in the series “living and surviving in a sustainable way” was yet again another highlight of the 2012 IF Forum. Herr Bommert deliberately kept his presentation very short and concise. We had planned this, because, after all, we wanted to produce an attractive video recording for Youtube as an extra value.

I think we succeeded. Every single sentence uttered by Herrn Bommert was right on target. Without employing unnecessary emotions and questionable judgements, he reported facts in a very objective way and came up with simple, logical conclusions.

Consequently, there was a long discussion after the presentation. It was extremely constructive and passionate. And we agreed: the messages sent by Herrn Bommert are important. He demonstrated in a very simple and rational way how feeding the world dangles on a thin string. And how easily this string could and perhaps will break.

However, Herr Bommert also showed us ways to change matters. And he also showed us that it is, indeed, possible for us to prepare for the time after our stupid and eventually fatal economic habits will have caused a collapse. Consequently, his finishing lines after a very thought-inspiring list of facts and judgements were rather nice and optimistic.

With Vienna sausages and meatloaf (of course from the butcher Schlammerl of Ottobrunn), we spent quite some more time discussing things in small rounds. And finally, when the hot spiced wine and ginger bread were served – also from a local bakery: Götz of Taufkirchen – the general atmosphere was one of courage in view of a possible future and joy about all the interesting information and the culinary delicacies.

I already look forward to watching the video recording by Friedrich Lehn. As soon as it is finished, we will make it available for you on all our diverse Youtube channels.


Here are a few pictures to refresh your memory and maybe arouse your appetite for the video.

Wilfried Bommert talking to Mr. and Mrs. Gerlach. Thomas Gerlach works for the Bayerischer Rundfunk. He was the one who first introduced Herrn Bommert to me.

The introduction to the presentation. It will start right away …

As so often, all pictures were taken by our Rolo Zollner.

2 Kommentare zu “Looking Back – Wilfried Bommert at the IF Forum”

  1. Chris Wood (Sunday November 18th, 2012)

    Yes, the talk was very good. It started with a clear explanation of the disaster that is coming within decades. The end was optimistic only for developed nations. It concentrated on means to delay the disaster by a few years. I see this as optimistic, since the politicians and the bulk of the population are largely ignoring the problems. The end also hinted strongly that Europe will need to make itself a fortress against much of the rest of the world, but did not go into the horror of such a situation.
    It is ironic that Roland mentions “Wienern und Leberkäs” after the talk, since even Europe will have to greatly reduce meat consumption. Perhaps Metzger Schlammerl sponsors these events? (I must admit that I enjoyed a Leberkäs-Semmel).
    Herr Bommert may also have been slightly embarrassed to be “paid” in coffee. Germans drink huge amounts of coffee that comes from land that could be used to produce food.

  2. Chris Wood (Wednesday November 21st, 2012)

    The last copy of New Scientist explains that the climate change has accelerated drastically in the last 5 years. It now looks like being worse than the “worst case” predicted 10 years ago. CO2 production is still increasing. Germany, with a better record than most, is closing down nuclear power stations and subsidising coal!

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