Roland Dürre
Thursday October 21st, 2010

#S21 The Fourth or: No Money for Infra Structure

I found another one of those articles in the business sector of the “SZ” on October, 6th, 2010 on page 19. It says:

Electricity network not strong enough for ecologically produced electric energy

Energy agency says: up to 3,500 more kilometres of cables will be necessary, mostly south and west bound.

In the internet, I also found a report on this topic at ARD.

And, again, I am surprised. Isn’t it obvious?

In the future, we will need plenty of electric energy, even if the dream scenario of electric cars will not come true. And said electricity will not be produced by Uranium, oil, coal or brown coal. Which clearly calls for HGÜ (high potential continuous current transfer) networks.

Apart from this, we will also have to invest a lot in order to come to terms with our future problems (demographic development, end of abundance in raw materials,… ).

But what do we do instead?

We extend the operating times of nuclear power plants (perhaps in order to dodge our responsibility for more networks) and throw away money (which we do not even have) for luxury projects such as S21.

The existing infra structure is allowed to go down the drain. Just thinking about how often I miss my connections because of trains running late makes me raise eyebrows. At the same time, we sneak out of those investments that might really give some stability for the future – including necessary big projects.

To me, this looks like living in a house where the roof leeks and the basement is damp. And still I install golden tubs in the bathroom.

(Translated by EG)

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