Roland Dürre
Wednesday March 6th, 2013


This morning, the radio news is again full of reports about S21. The project continues, they want to sue the state of Baden-Württemberg and force it to continue paying part of the cost. At the same time, I hear opinions like: “you have to continue, even if, with today’s knowledge, the project would never start”.

This gives me pause. Because there is a golden business rule:

“Never throw good money after bad”.

It is especially true of you need “good money“ elsewhere as badly as the Deutsche Bundesbahn for infra-structure projects all over the place.
Except that sticking to this rule calls for courage and the readiness to make decisions!

(Translated by EG)

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  1. Chris Wood (Wednesday March 6th, 2013)

    “dass man weitermachen müsse, auch wenn man mit dem heutigen Wissen das Projekt nicht mehr starten würde”.
    I have not heard that from anyone. Surprisingly, less than 10% of the estimated cost is said to be already spent. So it still would be reasonable to stop the project. I do not see how the courts can make Baden-Württemberg pay more, when the decision to go ahead was made by a referendum based on the old estimates.

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