Roland Dürre
Thursday July 30th, 2009

Swine Infection on the Island and at Home!?

Schweine I am truly impressed by the news from England. Now the Islanders have programmed a website where you can enter your symptoms. If you find out you are positive, you can print out a prescription and get some Tamiflu – which is only available on prescription – at the next public distribution place.

That reminds me of the expert systems during the long-gone AI times (AI for Artificial Intelligence). I am happy for the pharmaceutical industry, because Tamiflu and other new vaccines are the best possible boom program for this sector.

My daughter, too, benefited from the Swine Infection. School was closed for a day at Ottobrunn Grammar school because of a suspected case that was later proved positive.

I also learned that the current Swine Infection is not at all that dangerous. Basically, the worst that can happen is that the virus might mutate and then become really dangerous. That makes me wonder if I should wish to get infected right away. It is still harmless now and then I would be immunized against dangerous mutations later on. Or would I?

However, that is not a solution, because if many people get infected, the probability rate of permutations happening increases.

In “Arm und Reich” von Jared Diamond (“Poor and Rich” by Jared Diamond), I read that people have been infected by Swine Infection ever since they started domestizicing pigs. And that was a long time ago.

That makes me shed my fear of Swine Infection and turn my attention back to the real dangers of our time: the world economical crisis and the climate catastrophe.


The picture shows pigs not on the English Island, but on an Island in the South Pacific, namely the kingdom of Tonga. On that island, they still live as free as pigs should live.

(Translated by EG)

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