Roland Dürre
Wednesday May 27th, 2009

“Bizarre News” – or “What is Really Important”

First thing in the morning, I always take a quick look-through of the newspaper, or else listen to the news or interpretations thereof as I ride to work by bike.

This week, what remains in my memory is that

… a country the size of the former GDR and probably currently not doing very well calls “SOS” by subterraneously igniting an atom bomb, shooting a few missiles at its brother-enemy and threatening to invade.

… an elderly grand-signeur of the SPD who is a passionate pipe smoker and motor biker calls “people who twitter” ridiculous (what if now “people who twitter” were to call “old people who ride motorbikes and smoke pipes” and are SPD members ridiculous).

… the federal debts increase all the time and will continue to do so like never before (the latest sum I heard would be high enough to buy a MacBook for every German citizen :-))

… everybody is concerned about Opel. Now even the fourth variety is considered – the Chinaman. That would certainly be a logical choice, since soon most of the cars on this planet will have been built in China, anyway. That means the Chinese would benefit nicely from Opel’s know-how.
But maybe soon the number of cars being built will dwindle, anyway.

After all, we already suffer from grave global climate changes, because we have been burning far too many fossil carbon-dioxide reserves already. And the oil problem will soon, too, again become one of commerce and trading.

On this see also the link to a Zeit article.

I very much recommend this article. The scenario described therein is the one that is by far most likely to happen with our world-wide “risk management”. And we really should take pains in our political, social and economical environment to solve this problem, even if the message is initially unpleasant.

(ranslated by EG)

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