Stefan Gillessen – How the Big Band Sounded – Now Online!
It took a little longer, but now we managed: the first presentation of the IF forum 2011 under the motto “Humans and Knowledge (Science)” can now be viewed online. With his “How the Big Bang Sounded“ (Der Klang des Urknalls) , Dr. Stefan Gillessen fascinated all those who were present on March, 1st at Unterhaching.

This is also a good opportunity to remind you of our second presentation in this years trilogy „Humans & Knowledge (Science)“ on Wednesday, July, 20th, 2011. Click on the preview of the presentation to be held by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar!

(Translated by EG)


Dr. Gillessen will be happy to give the same and a numer of other interesting presentations for other audiences as well. He therefore wrote a Knowledge Advert in our IF-AGORA. Stefans presentations are works of genius. Having enormous and probably very special technological knowledge, he manages to convey the message to his audience in a uniquely comprehensible way. Yet his presentations are not just very knowledgeable and humorous, they also transport a high degree of social responsibility.

And thanks to InterFace AG and youtube, you all can now see it for yourself!

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