Here is a film I would recommend all those who still believe in cars should watch.

My friend Marcus (Dr. Marcus Raitner) frequently writes about important project management topics in his blog “Experiencing Leadership“ (Führung erfahren). This week, he took a further step, writing about “on ownership and use “ (Vom Besitzen zum Benutzen). In my opinion, this is another article extremely worth reading!

That gave me a rather absurd idea. Let us assume everybody could use any car that is sitting around. During this fictitious concept, let us also forget about the fact that cars need a regular infusion of gas and that they have to be maintained and repaired. There are some sorts of fairies who see to all this. For instance the millions of jobless who do not know what to do with their time.

Let us forget our personal and emotional relationships with our cars (my Golf Diesel is my best friend).

No. We just want to go somewhere and, in order to get there, we take the next car sitting at the curb. When we reach our destination, we get out and leave the car where it is.
Now if any of you fears there might not be enough cars, then I would suggest we also mentally include the one million cars in Germany that are sitting around stockpiling or on the huge lots owned by the car-dealers.

Well, if we did that, we all would suddenly see with absolute clarity what absurd “luxury” we indulge in. All the gigantic amount of money, metal, consumption, energy that is used up by these tin boxes. How this mass reduces our living space and minimizes our quality of life.
And I would continue going by bike and wriggle through the tin avalanches. Because I need to enjoy movement, very much appreciate fresh air and dislike being locked into small rooms – where I am forced to be motionless yet attentive. Incidentally, I also rather disliked it when I was a child.

(Translated by EG)

Let me, again, point you towards our movement #AktMob and its camps #AktMobCmp.

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  1. Joachim Schnurrer (Tuesday February 2nd, 2016)

    Nach Ansicht von Elon Musk werden selbstfahrende Autos bald eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein. Schon in zehn, ‘auf keinen Fall länger als 15 Jahren’ würden alle neu produzierten Fahrzeuge selbstfahrend sein.

    Mehr dazu gibt es hier:

    In der Konsequenz bedeutet dies auch, daß die schiere Zahl der Autos geringer wird, da das genutzte Auto auch von anderen genutzt wird. Es wird eine APP geben, mit der man ein Fahrzeug bei Bedarf ruft.

    schöne Grüße, Joachim

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