Roland Dürre
Monday October 27th, 2014

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2 Kommentare zu “Tolerance & Religion”

  1. Chris (Tuesday October 28th, 2014)

    Dear Roland, regarding religion, for once I agree with you fully. I hate it when people advise tolerance for all religions, but really restrict this to monotheism. Peter Maffay, seriously interviewed on TV about German attitudes to Islam, said “after all, we all worship the same God”.
    Concerning tolerance in general, I agree less fully. Ethics and morals evolve, with various evolutionary niches. One can say which sets survive and multiply. But to say which are good, one would need some fundamental ethic to function as a basis for this opinion. Many people would agree that general long-term human happiness is good, but one can find objections even to this as a fundament.

  2. Chris Wood (Monday February 13th, 2017)

    I stumbled across this posting recently. It struck me how interesting some old postings are!
    Here, it struck me that “Menschlichkeit” is used positively. In view of ISIS and the current wave of extinctions, that is very dubious.

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