Roland Dürre
Thursday May 6th, 2010

Tweets on Twittering and Blogging #011

Here are my tweets of next week on

Blogging and Twittering – Wisdoms and Rules:

100513 Never get angry when twittering or blogging, no matter if you feel banal or perfidious. #Twitter #Blogging #Rule

100514 When twittering or blogging, it is the same as in real life – the way to mastery is through practice. #Twitter #Blogging #Wisdom

100515 The river Isar has been coursing for thousands of years. Wouldn’t there be a lot of material for her to write tweets and blogs about?

100516 Girls who blog and twitter like eating rye and critter. #Twitter #Blogging #Nonsense

100517 You can twitter and blog in Lithuanian, Romanian, Hungarian and Greek. And in Spanish and Portuguese.  #Twitter #Blogging #Fun

100518 In some families, mother, father, daughter and son all twitter and write blogs. #Twitter #Blogging #Great

100519 If you learn to play an instrument, you have to practice every day. The same is true for twittering and blogging. #Twitter #Blogging #Rule

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(Translated by EG)

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