Roland Dürre
Wednesday June 24th, 2009

Our Poll on the Economical Crisis Is Finished!

There are many people who are fed up with the world-wide economic crisis. So are we. That is why we close down our poll on the matter.

Here are the results:

How do you feel about the world-wide economic crisis?
– It can be solved with acceptable effort (54,0%, 20 Votes)
– By this summer, nobody will remember (24,0%, 9 Votes)
– It should be hard to overcome (8,0%, 3 Votes)
– Everything will go from bad to worse (0,0%, 0 Votes)
Total Voters: 37

What is it we learn from this small poll? First and foremost, only few people participated. What a pity. Secondly, nobody believes that everything will go from bad to worse. That is very positive. Also, less than ten per cent of the voters believe that the crisis will be hard to overcome.

A quarter of our readers think that by this summer, nobody will remember. Well, now we are into summer, which means that these readers are not (yet) entirely correct. On the other hand, the IFO-Index for the economic climate has improved for three months in a row!

Now we would like the answer to another question: “What will happen after the federal elections?” Will the great wave of lay-offs begin, because all the big firms have refrained from sacking people out of consideration for federal chancellor Merkel? And what do you think will happen to taxes and retirement money?

Starting now, we conduct a new poll! Your opinion is really wanted here! Thank you so much for joining us and giving your vote!

(translated by EG)

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  1. Chris Wood (Wednesday June 24th, 2009)

    I wanted to vote that none of these things will happen, but my vote was not accepted. In fact I have not found out how to vote against even one of these things happening. It is like in Iran. You can only vote for what the boss permits.

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