Roland Dürre
Friday May 2nd, 2014

Starting a Business Today!

Nowadays, whenever I attend business contests and/or read business plans, I get the impression that……

… there is no Bavarian Constitution making it mandatory for a businessman that his business must be useful for the entire society.
… the only purpose all founders of a new company have is money and power (and, if they are male, women).
… the opinion of the shareholder value is still the only goal of an enterprise..
… even the tiniest bit of meaningfulness in an enterprise is very often missing.

Because, mostly, all I read and hear is numbers. The turnover and results are the focal issues. And the product, as well as the enterprise to be founded, are just means to an end. Said end is “making money”. Absolutely exclusively. And if there is no other way, then you get it by selling the new enterprise after a short time with enormous profit.

Those are the moment when I think:

Something is wrong.

I also read very often that you need a lot of money (… several millions of Euros … ) in order to build up a strong marketing sector and an ever-present market. Because this is the main problem.

And then I think: 
Why does nobody invent something we humans actually need?

(Translated by EG)

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