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“Philosophical Reflections and Courageous Living Against One-Dimensional Thinking”

We intuitively feel how important living and pondering is for entrepreneurs.

Let me try to explain why:

It is all about developing a responsible concept of human nature. It is about understanding what humans are and how they think and feel. And what motivates them. And it is also about understanding yourself and developing and accounting for your own values in an ethically responsible way. And about living them.

It is all about understanding the term “human dignity”. About not seeing humans exclusively as a means to an end. And whenever you have to think goal-oriented, you should at least be aware of it.

Thus, we are talking a way to protect yourself from the beginnings of misanthropy. That is important. In our society, animosity is sublime. It no longer comes along in a plump way, but camouflages itself cleverly. But it is still among us like it always was.

So what can we do?

Well, here is what comes to mind:

Reflect and Live.

If you reflect, philosophy might help.

You are the only person who can “experience” your own life.

You have to confront life and be prepared to collect wisdom and experience. You have to be courageous enough to tread on virgin soil. You have to begin doing things you never would have thought you can do. You must not let yourself be restricted. If you have come to conclusions, you have to put them to practice, even if it is sometimes not very comfortable.

The only way to collect life’s wisdom is to courageously and openly face the challenges of the great, but particularly of the small, private life. It is the only way you can help life to progress and grow, both personal, social, economical, cultural, musical and emotional.

And that is the most important task of an enterprise (and probably of all people).

(Translated by EG)

😉 There is no day when I do not advise myself to do all these things. Unfortunately, I cannot say how much of a success I am. But I do try hard …

This article has been inspired by dialogues with many people in 2010. I would like to thank them all.    
My special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein, Dr. Christof Stierlen, Dr. Edwin Ederle, Ernst Spaett, Maximilian Buchberger, Peter Jilek, Thomas Vallon, Wolf Geldmacher and last not least to Dr. Marcus Raitner and his wonderful Blog!
And, of course, to “my” Barbara!

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  1. Marcus Raitner (Thursday December 30th, 2010)

    Der Artikel gefällt mir; ein schönes Motto “Reflektieren und Leben!”. Erinnert mich ein wenig an Kierkegaard’s “Verstehen kann man das Leben nur rückwärts, aber leben muss man es vorwärts.” (oder richtig zitiert: “Es ist wahr, was die Philosophie sagt, dass das Leben rückwärts verstanden werden muss. Aber darüber vergisst man den andern Satz, dass vorwärts gelebt werden muß.” – Die Tagebücher 1834-1855).

    Auch glaube ich, dass in dem letzten Halbsatz “…, aber ich bemühe mich.” eine ganz wichtige Wahrheit steckt: das ständige Streben des Menschen nach Verbesserung und “Veredelung” (im klassischen Sinne von “edel sei der Mensch, hilfreich und gut.”) Und wo wir gerade bei Goethe sind, drängt sich als Abschluss Deines Artikel mit eines meiner Lieblingszitate aus dem Faust auf: “Wer immer strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen.”

    In diesem Sinne, auf ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2011!

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