Each year in November, we have our ISO audit. As usual, it is about our processes. It all sounds so easy: Do what you say – and say what you do! But the processes get more and more complex. And when we say “say”, what we mean is “write down”.

Writing something down has two effects.

Firstly, everything gets static. But our world is currently dynamic. Consequently, the decay time for processes gets less and less.
Secondly, great ideas become smaller as you write them down. That is what happens if you work together when gaining knowledge. You have a wonderful idea and know how to apply it. And all everybody wants is get started. Well, and then you write down all your insights and the good vision becomes banal platitudes. All the momentum is gone; everyday-life is again dominated by “but-s” and greyness.
Which is when I, again, remember the “new and old worlds”. There used to be a time when enterprises were characterized by hierarchical structures and the four-eyes-principle. Control was everything.

Today, I read books on Enterprise 2.0. For example: Control jeopardizes the success of an enterprise.

And then I think: how true!

(Translated by EG)

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